by Buaiteoir

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Folk Metal. Enjoy it!!!


released October 30, 2014

João Andrade



all rights reserved


Buaiteoir Recife, Brazil

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Track Name: Tionscnamh
I don't know where I come from / But I know who I am / I'm a wanderer /
And my journey will never ends till I find Tionscnamh
Track Name: Suaimhneas Siorai (R.I.P.)
You have a reason to be upset.
They have a reason to revolt

Even if the pain is only yours,
No one will never feel the way I feel

Even if their goals are futile for others
This feeling is what feed their blindness.

Wrong or right is a mere point of view
Truth and lie two ends of the same circumstance

I do not have a good reason to revolt me.
I have no troubles, but my pain is intense

Wish you were here inside my mind for a few minutes.
I'm sure you'll never find your way back

I do not need more than logic to understand the things that surrounds me
I am aware that what the eyes see is not the world desired for me

Freedom - Tell me who is really free in life?

Even you can discern will be chained by the obscure forces that's keeping both your feet on the ground

There is only a very eternal rest,
When on your tombstone will be written
Suaimhneas síoraí (R.I.P.)
Track Name: Buaiteoir
Today I woke up early as usual
Cold Weather out there [but]
Here inside I'm down

This is not another struggle
It's the final battle

I know if I fall
I shall rise

Journey proceeds

My purpose is my aoibhneas (ivnuss)
My aoibhneas is wherever you are
No one can be stronger than me, cause

I'm wild
I'm bold
I'm a wall

Our greatest weakness
lies in giving up.
The most certain way to succeed is
always to try just one more time.
[by Thomas Edson]

[An ancient Celtic legend says that those who are in battalions of Buaiteoir
and in the fury of battle cry for his name never fall,
will be victorious for eternity.]
Track Name: Dreizehnter oktober
Deeper and deeper

It's all so dark
Mind in agony

I'm falling
I'm falling into the void

How can I help you
Take my hand

World (it) doesn't deserve me
I don't belong to this world no more

Something died here inside
Essence it gone away

(But) don't go away
Take my hand

Waging battles day by day
Body and mind exhausted
Wishing a rest

Gib nie nach
Gib nie auf

Die starken überleben
Die schwachen müssen sterben

Here I am by your side
To hold close your hand
But don't succumb to sacrifice

Exhausted but never surrender

How can I forget
The lock without a key
Don't follow the way of the fools

How can I forget that
13 oktober zweitausend dreizehn
Track Name: Reblossom
sun rises once again
For you it must to be one more common day
But hare I am

I guess I was like a god
Nevertheless Nature gives her advice
In autumn beginning I realized I'm...
A mere mortal

August 4th 2013
My body is free from those chains
After those mouth in agony

A wilt tree

I can breathe deeply
Feeling the dance of air
Running without chains by the meadow

Praise thee - Grace
Praise thee - Grace
Praise thee - Grace

All time by me side
Holding close my hand
Brought me back to life once again
Track Name: January 30th, 2014
What I've done in my life since the journey begun
I've seen the footsprints I left behind

Sometimes I wish to give in
But my inner voice doesn't let me give up

Death never appears when I'm down
Seem I'm doomed to search for what I never find

Then I see you by my side and What I've done for you
Sometimes I pretend not understand
I'm a coward who insist to carry on ...

Rest me waiting
Tomorrow will reveal the way I should have followed!