by Buaiteoir

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DEMO 2013


released October 23, 2013




all rights reserved


Buaiteoir Recife, Brazil

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Track Name: Athair
Don’t be blind

I acknowledge my sin
By despise the human nature

I’m stuck in this barren land to pay for
Surrounded by creeping worms
Crawling in agony

My punishment is wandering beside
These mindless creatures submissive to the domain of the conqueror
Father Time has creating a race of decrepit beings

Soon I’ll find the way back
Gods of my ancestors will not deny me
Entry at the Golden Hall of Asgard

Human being - lovers of wisdom
Without philosophy is beyond redemption

I’ll find rest in Valhalla
Track Name: Blaspheme
When your blaspheme
For the first time
It’s like to play Russian roullete
But no loaded chamber

In fear awaits
In anguish falls deeper

One second divides
Sanity from agony

Why you can’t realize
Every experience which you have been subjected is
Work of your tameless mind

All feelings of fear
Panic and despair
Which you have been subjected were caused by your brain
Stimulated by submission to the culture of blame

“Culture of blame”

Even having spent hours
Even having spent days
You still feeling a shiver that
Shakes to your backbone

But no God
Heard your blaspheme
Only you and your consciousness
Track Name: Equinox of gods (March, 20)
Cycle is closed one more time
And here we are once again

Fools think everything get back from start
It’s a beginning
One more chance to do
All the same old mistakes, again!

Equinox of Gods
Aeon of Horus begins
Mr. Crowley was right
Thelema is the Law

Blessed be the wisdom of ancestors

MAGICK - The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will

There’s a flame burning inside
There’s no limits for human mind

Let forces of nature be the guide
Don’t plunge into any mentality
Before your have your own philosophy

All over these years
Earth have being turns around the sun
But the essence of human being never changes